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Planned Parenthood shooter identified as Robert Lewis Dear


Saturday, November 28, 2015, 8:42 AM

Robert L. Dear, 57, was arrested for Friday's deadly gun rampage at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood.Colorado Springs Police Dept.

Robert L. Dear, 57, was arrested for Friday’s deadly gun rampage at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood.

The gunman accused of killing a cop and two civilians during a tense standoff at a Colorado Planned Parenthood is a 57-year-old North Carolina native, police said.

Robert Lewis Dear surrendered Friday afternoon, five hours after he barricaded himself inside the Colorado Springs clinic and began shooting, officials said.

Dear was led away from the scene while wearing a white T-shirt. It’s not clear how long the East Coast native had been in the Colorado area.

Police have not detailed a motive in the Friday afternoon rampage.

“We don’t have any information on this individual’s mentality, or his ideas or ideology,” Colorado Springs police Lt. Catherine Buckley said.

The shooting began shortly before noon.

For hours, police had no communication with the gunman other than intermittent gunfire. As the standoff progressed, officers inside the building herded people into one area and evacuated others.

Police finally had voice contact with the hidden shooter by shouting, and they convinced him to put down his long gun and come out. By the time the shooter surrendered, three people were killed — including University of Colorado Officer Garrett Swasey — and nine others were wounded, authorities said.

Planned Parenthood said all of its staff at the clinic was safe. The organization said it did not know the circumstances or motives behind the attack or whether the organization was the target.

After Dear was taken into custody, police turned their attention to inspecting the “items” the shooter left inside the clinic, officials said. By Saturday morning, police had processed all of them and said they were not a threat, although officials did not elaborate on what the suspicious packages contained.

Jail booking records indicate Dear is due in court on Monday.

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