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Pet Horoscopes for November 2015


Sunday, November 1, 2015, 12:01 AM

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ARIES Pet Scope:

Your unusually active and alert Aries pet could want more time to snooze and daydream this month, and you could even hear than snoring or dreaming. Keep an eye on them. Pets can be unpredictable at the best of times, and more so with all the powerful energy sitting in their 8th house this month.

TAURUS Pet Scope:

If your Taurus pet gets a little brooding sometimes, this can change now with the new Moon in their love zone. Ruled by Venus, they are love bugs, really, and a little attention can make them fall in love all over again and again. Positive reinforcement will put a wag back in their tail.

GEMINI Pet Scope:

Full Moon energy in your Gemini’s sign can make them a little erratic this month, so don’t take any chances or risks where they are concerned; you just never know what they’re going to do next. It’s a good idea to keep their day-to-day schedule as routine as possible.

CANCER Pet Scope:

Cancer pets can be real fusspots when it comes to their bed and personal furnishings. With Venus making a move to their home zone, make sure their sleeping arrangements are cozy and comfortable. This month, don’t be surprised if your water baby seems like he or she can pretty well read your mind.

LEO Pet Scope:

If you have a Leo pet, then you will have a struggle on your hands letting him or her know who’s the boss. With the full Moon and interactions with Saturn this month, they will most likely be more demonstrative of their royalty and right to rule. Use a firm voice, hold eye contact and follow through with your commands.

VIRGO Pet Scope:

The Venus and Mars love dance in Virgo can have your pet doing somersaults to try and get your attention, but don’t make them work that hard. They can be more persistent this month with everything: your attention, food, walks and anything else they may desire. Pay attention.

LIBRA Pet Scope:

Venus, the planet that rules Libra, moves to their sign early in the month and make them feel extra loving and cuddly. However, Mars will also move in mid-month and this can put pressure on Libra pets to move faster than they like. Be patient with them.

SCORPIO Pet Scope:

This month’s new Moon in Scorpio lightens your Scorpio furry friend’s spirit and energy. But with Saturn’s interactions close by, they could have some self-doubt, so you will need to give them all the reassurance you can that he or she is the most adorable pet in the entire universe.


This month, your Sagittarian pet will most likely want what they want and ask for it in no uncertain terms. Be prepared for them to be determined, and be prepared to follow through on your commands and discipline. If you need to put time in to do effective training, this is a good month to do it.


A Capricorn pet loves to have routine, and even though they can try to overpower your decisions, they do like to know what they are doing and what’s expected of them. This month, with the influence of the full Moon, is a time to reinforce to them that you are in control. Ultimately, it will make them feel safe.


Your Aquarian pet loves to be social, but this month, be careful of mixing them with aggressive or snippy pets. It’s not a good idea at any time, but right now, it can cause them to go into their hiding place to recover. You may not know what’s up, but you’ll have a feeling they are just not their usual self.

PISCES Pet Scope:

Pisces’ ruling planet, Neptune, is back in phase, and they can be basking in their own imagination and dreaming, all day and night. Be careful this month not to let anyone else tell your pet what to do. And if you do have someone watching him or her, remember that Pisces are sensitive, so make sure they follow your protocol.  

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