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People can’t tell if this person is naked or in leggings


Updated: Wednesday, December 9, 2015, 6:31 PM

Caption this…Passenger Shaming

Posted by Passenger Shaming on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Everyone wants to get to the bottoms of this.

In a Facebook photo posted by “Passenger Shaming,” an unidentified person is standing in a lobby speaking with a receptionist and appears to be nude from the waist down.

People don’t know whether to call the fashion police or actual cops over the bottomless patron, who could just be wearing an inappropriately colored pair of leggings.

“Flesh colored leggings are never a good idea,” Adrienne White wrote on the Facebook post.


The photo has caused so much confusion that commenters can’t even agree on whether the person in the picture is a man or a woman.

The ones on Team Leggings argued that the person just had bad bottoms on and said you could see the tights cutting off at the ankles.

Team Leggings argues that you can see the pants cut off at the person's ankle.iStock/Getty

Other pants theorists that got a closer view said the possible nudist would have a more defined butt cheek if he or she were naked.

Team Nude members argued for the naked truth, and said the person must have been pantsless, since they could see fuzz in the photo.

“Uh… pretty sure nude leggings don’t come with a– hair,” Jaimee Oliver said.

Michael Evans-Macias, a industry expert who works at the Esplanade Hotel, according to his Facebook, said he’s seen naked patrons at the desk countless times.

“I yet to hear a valid excuse as to why they are naked!! (sp)” he said in a comment.

It remains a mystery as to whether the person is missing pants or just a fashion sense.


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