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Paul Mitchell co-owner sued for sexual harassment

Angus Mitchell, the son of hair care mogul Paul Mitchell, has been sued for sexual harassment.

Tally Rossi, a former media project manager, filed a suit in California Monday, alleging that Mitchell turned his late father’s company into “a hunting ground to find women to date and have sex with,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

In the lawsuit, Rossi claims that Mitchell invited her to his home and kissed her without her consent in September 2015, at the time that he was divorcing then-wife Sian.

Later, she claims, he convinced her to take ecstasy and have sex with him, which she said she felt she had to in order to keep her job.

Rossi claims she began a sexual relationship with Mitchell until January 2016, at which point she said she was removed from photoshoots and demoted at work.

In March 2016, Rossi said, she had sex with Mitchell for the last time. A day later, she claims he wired her $ 50,000 and “begged (her) not to say anything.”

Rossi is suing for loss of salary and benefits and mental distress.

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