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Panthers CB Josh Norman fined $26,044 by NFL for Giants game


Updated: Wednesday, December 23, 2015, 10:57 AM

Josh Norman gets fined after his back-and-forth battle with Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. on Sunday.Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Josh Norman wasn’t hit nearly as hard as Odell Beckham was, but he didn’t get away from the Giants-Panthers fiasco on Sunday unscathed, either.

Norman, the Panthers Pro Bowl cornerback who spent much of Sunday engaged in a one-on-one war with the Giants’ star receiver, has been fined $ 26,044 by the NFL for his part in the mess, an NFL source confirmed. It’s a hefty fine, though it’s still less than half the $ 52,529.94 Beckham will lose if his one-game suspension is upheld.

Norman was actually hit with two fines, as first reported by USA Today. He was fined $ 8,681 for a face mask and another $ 17,363 for striking his opponent (presumably Beckham) in the head. According to the NFL Network, the facemask fine came for a first quarter incident in which Beckham ended up with his helmet off.

More fines are likely coming, an NFL source said, though it’s unclear if more will be levied at Norman or Beckham, or any of the other players who got involved. It’s also unclear if any fines are coming for the Panthers brandishing a baseball bat near the Giants’ sidelines, or for any of the homophobic slurs that were hurled at Beckham in the pre-game, as several Giants sources alleged on Monday.

Beckham, meanwhile, is expected to be in Manhattan Wednesday for his appeal hearing at the NFL offices, which is scheduled to begin at noon. The hearing will be conducted by former Washington and Philadelphia receiver James Thrash, one of the two appeals officers jointly appointed by the NFL and the NFLPA. A decision is expected some time on Wednesday afternoon.

If Beckham’s suspension is upheld he will miss the Giants’ game in Minnesota on Sunday, and that will cost him 1/17th of his $ 893,009 salary. If his suspension is overturned, Beckham will still likely be hit with a hefty fine.

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