President Obama convened a meeting of his National Security Council on Saturday to discuss counter-terrorism strategy in the wake of the Paris attacks, the White House said.

The president and his national security aides will “review the latest intelligence surrounding the attacks in Paris,” the White House said.

Obama, speaking from the White House shortly after the Friday night attacks at multiple sites in Paris,  said that “we’re going to do whatever it takes to work with the French people and with nations around the world to bring these terrorists to justice, and to go after any terrorist networks that go after our people.”

The NSC meeting takes place before Obama departs for a 10-day trip to Turkey, the Philippines, and Malaysia. The trip begins in Turkey for a Group of 20 nations summit at which terrorism was already going to be a major topic.

The White House also said that Obama spoke late Friday with French President Francois Hollande to offer the nation’s condolences for the series of attacks that claimed at least 127 lives and injured scores of others.

Obama “reiterated the United States’ steadfast, unwavering support for the people of France, our oldest ally and friend, and reaffirmed the offer of any necessary support to the French investigation,” the White House said in a statement.

It added that “the two leaders pledged to work together, and with nations around the world, to defeat the scourge of terrorism.”


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