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NYPD officer fires shot after spotting gun-toting suspect

A police officer settling an argument between neighbors bickering over a parking spot on a Brooklyn street fired a shot Sunday morning after learning that one of the men was holding a gun, authorities said.

The bullet did not hit the man, who ran off, police said.

The officer and four other cops were responding to a 911 call about the street fight on 58th St. and Ave. J in Flatlands about 11:40 a.m.

As the cops tried to calm the battling neighbors, they became aware that a 33-year-old man was carrying a gun, officials said. When the man made a move for his waistband, the cop fired a shot.

The suspect made a mad dash to his car. As he tried to maneuver out of a driveway, he clipped the five cops with the vehicle, police said. The panicked man crashed into at least one parked car a short distance later, then tried to sprint away.

Cops caught up to him, took him into custody and recovered the gun, which they say he’d tried to toss as he ran off, authorities said. Charges were pending Sunday afternoon.

A man who lives near the scene and heard the commotion said the suspect was arguing with a woman over a parking spot.

“The woman was saying, ‘I pay taxes here. Move your car,'” the neighbor said. “A man comes out of the house and starts arguing with the guy, too. I thought they were going to get into a fist fight.”

Patrick Baird, 44, said the suspect smashed into his white Escalade and then a second car in addition to clipping the cops.

“I’m just happy I wasn’t in the car when it happened,” he said. “I’m glad my car didn’t get too damaged.”

The police officers went to Kings County Hospital for minor injuries and pain.

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