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NYC teen shot at classmate’s vigil, may never walk again

*****Shot by Kerry Burke with her mother Roxanne sharpe's permission and in her presence*******

Princess Lindow, 16, is seen at Woodhull Medical Center on Wednesday. Her family fears that she’ll never walk again.

(Kerry Burke / New York Daily News)


Thursday, September 29, 2016, 4:00 AM

She stood up for a fallen classmate — and now she may never stand again.

A 16-year-old girl attending a prayer vigil for a slain classmate was shot in the lower back on Monday — and now the victim’s heartbroken family fears the errant round may have left the teen paralyzed.

Princess Lindow, a student at Urban Dove High School, marked the 17th birthday of murder victim Tyquan Holmes at a prayer vigil at the Marcy Houses about 7:50 p.m. Monday.

She was standing with about 30 friends and classmates when someone walked up and opened fire into the crowd.

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“We were holding hands in a circle praying,” Princess, still groggy from two surgeries, said Wednesday from her hospital bed at Woodhull Medical Center’s intensive care unit.

“There were shots. I knew I was shot because my legs went numb and I couldn’t walk,” she said. “My leg went dead and I fell to the floor. I couldn’t breathe. Everything was changing colors.”

“I wish I never went over there,” she said.

The bullet pierced her thigh, ripped through her lower back and went through her other leg, relatives said.

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“We don’t know if she is going to walk again,” Princess’ mother, Roxanne Sharpe, said, fighting back tears. “She just gotten off assisted breathing. We don’t know all the damage.”

Police said the gunman, described as a rail-thin teen in a black hoodie, fired three shots from a .22-caliber handgun. He remained at large Wednesday.

“What was he doing there with a gun?” Sharpe asked. “Some people don’t have respect for anything. There were kids and families there. There were babies in strollers. How could they do something like this? We have to do something about the guns.”

Princess Lindow, 16, was shot in the back while she was mourning a classmate at a Brooklyn vigil.

Princess Lindow, 16, was shot in the back while she was mourning a classmate at a Brooklyn vigil.


Investigators believe it was a gang-related shooting. Holmes, who was fatally shot in the Marcy Houses on June 1, was a member of violent street gang known as the Young Hittas Crew, police sources said.

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Princess was not the only teen wounded by gunfire Monday night.

In a separate incident 41/2 hours before Princess was wounded, a former classmate, 16-year-old Rahim Adekanbi, was shot in the thigh as he played basketball with friends at Washington Hall Park in Clinton Hill.

The Benjamin Banneker High School student got caught in the crossfire as an argument broke out between two groups of young men or teens, police and relatives said. No arrests have been made.

“He wasn’t even there for the dispute,” his mother, Abiola Oladiro said. “He always stops to play basketball in the park with his friends. Someone just started shooting. And my son was hit.”

“I’m in shock,” she said. “My son is a good boy. He’s never had any trouble with law or with anybody.”

Despite the intense pain she was feeling — and her grim prognosis — Princess’ heart went out to Rahim.

“He’s my friend,” she said. “We went to summer school together at Benjamin Banneker. I only heard he was shot while I was at the Marcy Houses.”

“I didn’t get to text before I got shot,” she said. “I just hope he gets through it. I’ll be praying for him.”


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