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NY Daily News 2016 Year Ahead Horoscope Report


Sunday, December 27, 2015, 12:00 AM

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It’s a year of self-discovery and a time to realize your dreams! Your hard work and dedication can finally pay off, with you reaping the rewards. On the business front, ample opportunities to elevate your professional profile can help your career take flight. Connections and collaborations with others are what will catapult you into the fast lane.

Travel or international business are possible now, as is furthering education — all of which can lead to career stability. Success is written in the stars; your lifestyle gets an upgrade as well as your bank account. To claim the prosperity available this year, you will need to stay true to your goals and walk your truth. But don’t spend all of your time at the office wheeling and dealing. Jupiter brings his blessings into your love zone in September, so attracting romance, or taking a relationship to the next level, are very real possibilities, too.

Your challenge is to pace yourself and aim for balance, so as not to take on more than you can handle. The keys to your success in 2016 are to think big, broaden your horizons and connect with influential people. 


The year 2016 is about being true to yourself! When you follow your inner knowing, you live at a higher vibration and will naturally connect with brighter realities. Love and romance pull on your heartstrings, and for those looking for a commitment, you’re in luck: The benevolent influence of planet Jupiter can make it possible. This year brings a greater focus on matters related to your health and beauty.

Revamping your daily regimen and revising your personal appearance will not only make you look fabulous but also feel powerful. When you do what you know is right for your mind, body and soul, you are rewarded with poise and confidence. The major theme related to financial success involves building long-term security; money in the bank makes you feel safe and secure.

Your challenge this year is to stay on top of your workload by staying organized. And although social events are important, too much of a good thing can be distracting. The key to your success is to gather as much knowledge as you can in the areas important to you. Knowledge is power!


Your creativity is on fire this year! Work in a team environment with people who strengthen your skills and expertise, and you can significantly enhance your job satisfaction as well as bring recognition from higher-ups. Someone may step in to offer financial support, but be careful — ensure no secrets are involved.

Relationships are all about substance this year, not frivolous flirtations. Don’t be surprised if you part company with some people now. It may be that your time together has simply concluded its purpose. If you are looking for love (and who isn’t?), you can meet someone suitable for a long-term involvement, or evolve an existing relationship into a more committed partnership. To connect on the level of depth and intimacy that you deserve, however, you will need to let go of the past.

Your challenge this year is to realize that not everyone is as easygoing as you are; some people have hidden agendas. The key to your success is to be yourself; resist the idea that you must conform to what someone else thinks you should be. Dance to your own tune and reveal the authentic you.


There is a great deal of excitement this year! Intense and passionate romance is absolutely in your star chart. If single, a chance meeting may take you by surprise and capture your heart. But be prepared to give and take — remember that all relationships take work. In existing partnerships, you can finally deal with issues that have been lying dormant and cast them aside to rediscover the soul connection that originally drew you together.

Abundant Jupiter enters your home and family sector in September, blessing you with increased domestic bliss that leads to greater comfort and security. However, work is also emphasized this year and may conflict with matters at home. Organization is necessary in order to stay on course. The next two years bring opportunities to get a business up and running, and though overwhelming at times, concerted efforts now will ensure a more secure future.

Your challenge is to look after your personal well-being and get enough sleep to keep stress levels in check. Your key to success in 2016 is to hone in on priorities; make up your mind to achieve your goals and go after them with a laser-sharp focus.


You love being the center of attention, and in 2016 that’s just where you will be. Your gifts and abilities in your field of expertise are of the highest caliber, and this year people will be interested in what you have to say. Pay attention to your personal appearance. You can shine with exuberance now, but it will take effort on your part to maintain an optimum health and beauty regimen.

You can reinvent yourself now, and a powerful connection with someone related to your professional life can set things in place for career advancement. Partnerships are highlighted, and although you are a natural leader, teamwork will deliver success. Those you meet and associate with this year can play a significant role in your rise up the ladder. You can attain stability in both your business and personal life. Your bank account may receive a boost, too. To move your lifestyle up a notch, prepare to restructure your money management system. In love, there’s promise of a commitment.

Your challenge this year is to walk your truth and not conform to what’s considered appropriate. Your key to success is to enjoy today, but work towards long-range plans.


Love and relationships are strongly featured in 2016, but you will still need to carve out time for romance. Virgos already involved in a serious relationship may either make a forever commitment or deepen the bond between the two of you. If things are not working out in a relationship, then this year you can cut your losses so as to attract a more suitable partner. If single, stand by for love — you can literally bump into your perfect match!

Home- and family-related matters may become more permanent now. You can finally make a decision regarding a situation that has been on your mind for quite some time. Abundant Jupiter in your sign indicates opportunities to improve your lifestyle; take advantage of openings that arise. In September, this naturally fortunate planet moves to your money zone and your hard work can be well remunerated. To maximize Jupiter’s potential, however, focus on desirable outcomes.

Examine your self-talk — what you say to yourself — and eliminate doubt and self-criticism. Your challenge for 2016 is to resolve the past and open up to all life has to offer. Your key to success is to believe in your worthiness and ability; don’t settle for less!


Jupiter, in the sign before your own, encourages you to get in touch with your dreams and aspirations, not only for the present but also in regard to long-term ambitions. This planet of expansion and opportunity enters your sign in September and takes up residence for a one-year stay, bringing cosmic support to help make your desires a reality.

Collaboration with people you respect and feel comfortable with can yield welcome financial rewards this year. You can be in the right place at the right time now, but it is up to you to recognize opportunities when they cross your path. Your home life and domestic scene may change, and although a bit disruptive and unsettling, such changes lead to a more desirable situation. So if you have been thinking of altering some matters related to home or family, this is the year to do it.

As things sort out in your domestic domain, your love life also becomes more settled. Your challenge this year is to look after yourself, and ensure that your health and well-being stays top priority. The key to your success is to face change head-on, embrace the future, and don’t look back.


Love is both passionate and romantic in 2016! You can have an electric connection with someone with whom you resonate with on every level — intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Whether you are single or in a relationship, there is a new start in this area of your life that can lead to greater depth, intimacy and fulfillment — a relationship of substance.

Certain situations may present challenges this year in ways that lead you to stand up for who you are and what is most important to you. When you take control and claim responsibility for your own life, you’ll find that events and situations start to fall into place precisely when you need them to. At work, rewards come when you push through whatever may confront you; your focus and dedication will pay off. Hard work, and possibly long hours, will create solid foundations for the future.

Perseverance now has the power to build your bank balance for security down the road. Your challenge this year is to let go of things you cannot change. The secret to your success is to look within yourself for answers, rather than trying to find them through other people.


This is a year to both honor your independent spirit as well as to build security. The fortunate and lucky influence of Jupiter, your ruling planet in your solar tenth house of career, indicates business opportunities that can enhance your professional status. Some of you may even decide to reinvent yourself during this time — certainly, openings are available to progress or expand your business and professional profile.

Saturn, the planet of security and structure, remains in your sign for another two years; what you do now has the capacity to create solid foundations that will serve you well for the future. Family or domestic issues can be reconciled now, and love can move to the next phase, but be careful not to allow money to become an issue. Life as you know it can evolve to a state of greater enlightenment, and everything can fall into place, just as it should.

Your challenge this year is to pace yourself and steadily work hard to improve your life. Be careful not to force issues, however, for doing so may close the door to other possibilities. The key to your success is to keep your visionary outlook while paying attention to the day-to-day details.


Get ready to step into a new reality! After a lot of soul searching, your life can transform this year, with hard work and long hours being replaced by excitement and anticipation about what comes next. The abundant influence of Jupiter, planet of growth and wisdom, helps to expand your personal vision. When this fortunate planet moves to your career zone in September, your professional life gets a surge of energy and can take off, big-time. The period leading up to this is, in many ways, one of preparation to renovate and revitalize your life.

In love, an amazing connection can have you rearranging your plans. Communication becomes more important, as does fitting in with a partner’s schedule. A spiritual connection is also crucial to creating a meaningful bond of togetherness. Do your best to be independent and not controlling or possessive.

As Saturn is in the sign before yours, your challenge is to avoid spending too much time alone. Isolation is good for self-analysis, but networking will lead to advancement. The key to your success in 2016 is to adopt a can-do attitude, with the belief that anything is possible. 


You can broaden your horizons this year, and your business will benefit from working and associating with influential people — those with connections in all the right places. Old friends and contacts may reappear now, and associations with sincere people, whether personal or professional, can last a lifetime. Travel is in your star chart, and there are possibilities for working in international markets, or becoming further involved with cultural or charitable affairs.

In terms of business and your career, your efforts and intentions for success can result in good remuneration for your input and expertise. Be prepared to work with others now. Collaboration can be more successful than working solo. In love, compatibility and good communication are vital to feeling comfortable with an intimate partner. Your ability to build a strong, loving bond will depend on how much you are prepared to reveal your true feelings.

Your challenge in 2016 is to balance study and expansion of knowledge, with putting that skill into action. The key to your success is to recognize the breadth of your talents and not be shy about self-promotion.


Think big and expect the best, your optimism pays off this year! Powerful eclipse energy shines a bright light on your overall life path as well as your relationships. Get ready to discard anything that is not working now to make room for better situations. Stay positive — life can come through for you in 2016.

Jupiter’s fortunate presence in your relationship zone can open the door to true love, but it’s up to you to walk through it. As this planet of expansion and opportunity enters your house of financial partnerships in September, connections with prominent people can lead to increased cash flow and a welcome upgrade in lifestyle. Teamwork is important for career success. When you have the right mix of people, anything is possible. Your professional life will require perseverance and diligence, but these efforts can pay off in greater authority, stability and security.

Your challenge is to keep your intuitive channel open and clear, and honor those messages rather than tune them out in favor of your analytical side. The key to success is to realize who you truly are, what you have to offer, and step up to make your dreams a reality. 

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