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N.J. teen arrested for repeatedly stealing men’s Rolexes


Updated: Thursday, December 24, 2015, 9:51 AM

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Alexandra Martinez, 19, of Ewing, N.J., was busted for stealing expensive watches from unsuspecting elderly men, cops said.

A bling-loving blonde beauty is making a career of palming pricey watches from unwitting men, officials said Thursday.

In just five months, Alexandra Martinez, 19, of Ewing, N.J., has been arrested for five incidents where she accompanied well-heeled men to their homes and hotels — including the Ritz Carlton in Midtown — and ran off with their pricey Rolex watches and other jewelry.

In at least two of the incidents, she is accused of slipping her marks a mickey in their drinks to knock them out before running off with the goods, police sources said.


The 5-foot-7 blue-eyed blonde — who has a tattoo running down one arm that reads “Love yourself so no one has to” — was most recently arrested Monday for a Nov. 26 watch theft.

Martinez allegedly slipped something into the drinks of at least two men.Alex Martinez via Facebook

Martinez allegedly slipped something into the drinks of at least two men.

In that incident, she accompanied a man to his Warren St. home in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, and left with over $ 18,000 in cash and jewelry — including a Rolex watch, officials said.

She was also busted for a Sept. 4 theft where she allegedly met a man at a bar, returned to his condo at the new BKLYN Gold, a doorman building on Gold St. in Brooklyn Heights, and left a few hours later with the man’s jewelry box, which contained $ 40,000 in bling, including three Rolex watches and a Breitling.

She was first arrested on July 22, when she swiped a wallet from a man she met at Gottino, a West Village wine bar, officials said.

On Aug. 24, she went to a victim’s hotel room at the Ritz Carlton and ran off with his watch, officials said.

Martinez was due in court Thursday to face charges from some of the cases, officials said.

Her latest arrest comes amid a spate of high-priced watch thefts by beautiful women, who wine and woo their victims before stealing their high-priced jewelry.

One victim was Knicks forward Derrick Williams, who lost more than $ 600,000 in jewelry early Saturday after he partied with two women at the Up & Down club on W. 14th St. in Chelsea.

Martinez hasn’t been linked to the Williams’ theft.


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