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More than half of this country’s residents believe in elves

A small harbor town outside of Reykjavik called Hafnarfjörður, is, apparently the elf capital of Iceland.

And about 54% of the small island country in the northern Atlantic Ocean believes in the 36-inch-tall mythical creatures, National Geographic reported. According to the Icelandic people, elves have large ears and wear old-fashioned clothing but definitely not pointy hats.

All of these facts and more can be learned during and “elf walk” through Hafnarfjörður. But to become a real professional, Reykjavik offers an Elf School, where a three or four hour course – compete with a study book, tea and cookies – will earn studious pupils an elf diploma.

The program teaches “about hundreds of Icelanders that have had personal contact with the elves themselves, and many of them have been invited into the homes of the elves and the hidden people in Iceland, and have often eaten food there and sometimes also slept there during one or more nights,” the school’s website says.

In Iceland, it’s said that the elves, or álfar, live in boulders that roads have been designed to bypass as to not disturb them. The elfin king and queen allegedly live near Hamarinn, a scenic cliff.

Your best chance of spotting an elf, according to the Icelandic people, is during Christmas or New Year’s Eve when they’re out searching for new homes. It’s around then that children leave shoes out about their homes for the elves to fill with candy and treats.

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