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More schools using admissions targets to diversify classrooms

Forty-two city schools are using admissions targets to integrate their classrooms, Education Department officials said Wednesday.

That number is up from 19 schools in 2016 and seven schools that piloted the city’s Diversity in Admissions program in the 2015 school year. There are about 1,800 public schools in the city.

The city’s school system is one of the nation’s most segregated, but some schools are attempting to change that by giving priority to students who live below the poverty line, are English language learners or are homeless.

Deputy Chancellor Josh Wallack said Education Department officials are pleased more schools have adopted voluntary admissions targets.

“We believe all students benefit from diverse and inclusive classrooms,” Wallack said. “The Diversity in Admissions pilots are a key part of our schools better reflecting the diversity of the city and we look forward to learning from these new pilots and continuing to expand.”

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