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Mark Zuckerberg angers neighbors over where his guards park


Thursday, January 14, 2016, 3:21 PM

MARCH 25, 2015 FILE PHOTOEric Risberg/AP

Mark Zuckerberg’s security brigade of cars is causing on uproar among neighbors.

There’s apparently not much to “like” about living next to Mark Zuckerberg.

Neighbors are furious with the Facebook founder because they believe his security team has illegally parked in their swanky San Francisco neighborhood — forcing a chain reaction of other cars clogging the fronts of their high-priced homes.

Several especially irate neighbors are circulating a letter to other residents, begging them to report Zuckerberg’s security brigade to local authorities.

“(Our) neighboring districts already creates a challenge when it comes to street parking,” reads the letter, which was obtained by Buzzfeed. “The 2 spots that are illegally being held for Zuck only makes matters worse.”

The letter claims living next to Zuckerberg is “cumbersome” since the 31-year-old billionaire constantly has his property renovated.

His neighbors also claim there’s plenty of room for the cars to park in front his $ 10 million home or in his driveway.

“One of the guards mentioned that she agreed (with us) even from a security standpoint,” the letter continued. “Where the cars are parked don’t give the best vantage points. She thinks they should be driving around.”

One of Zuckerberg’s reps, however, claims the guards are doing nothing wrong.

“The security team’s cars are parked in accordance with local parking laws,” the rep told Buzzfeed. “The team strives to be sensitive to neighbors’ concerns and regrets any inconvenience.”

Zuckerberg has a history of infuriating his neighbors. Local residents complained in 2014 that the constant construction to the social media mogul’s home was destroying their neighborhood – and they even alleged he was hiring people to sit in their cars overnight to reserve spaces for workers.

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