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Manhattan judges caught exchanging expletives in courtroom

A pair of Manhattan Criminal Court judges expressed their contempt for one another on Wednesday, quietly trading expletives within earshot of a busy courtroom.

The bizarre back-and-forth came partway through the plodding, two-hour long arraignment of six defendants facing drug and gun charges brought by the city’s special narcotics prosecutor.

An irate Judge Anthony Ferrara entered the ninth-floor courtroom of his colleague Judge Felicia Mennin through a side door, accompanied by a court officer.

When he saw lawyer Michael Croce preparing for one of his clients, Ferrara stretched out his arms, his black robe draped around him, and demanded to know when the attorney would be appearing in his courtroom.

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“What’s this all about, anyway?” Ferrara asked in a loud voice to no one in particular, witnesses told the Daily News.

When his query went unanswered, he approached Mennin on the bench.

“OK. This is not a conversation I’m prepared to have right here,” Mennin said, suggesting they step to a side room.

The pair then walked into the adjoining room, but left the door open as they continued their conversation in hushed tones.

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The awkward moment turned hostile when Ferrara was overheard telling his fellow jurist, “F— you.”

“You know what, Tony? F— you, too.”

Ferrara then stormed out of the room.

A court spokesman declined to comment when contacted Wednesday.

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