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Man says cop broke his middle finger after he flipped him off

A Colorado man says a police officer flipped his lid when he flipped him the bird, and broke the offending finger during an arrest.

Jeffrey Woodfork claimed in a federal lawsuit that Adams County sheriff’s deputy Travis Wilson stopped him and an unidentified woman on a street outside Denver in December 2015.

The woman fled when Wilson pulled a weapon, and Woodfork responded to questions about her from the officer by cursing and raising his middle finger, according to court papers filed Tuesday.

Wilson allegedly was putting Woodfork into handcuffs when he twisted and yanked the disrespecting digit, breaking it.

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The legal proceedings after the arrest were not clear, though Woodfork is also suing three employees at the detention facility where he was kept, saying that he did not get the required medical attention until two months after the break.

A company behind health services at the jail, Corizon Health, is also named in the suit.

Woodfork said that the finger had already healed in a disfigured shape by that that time, and is suing for medical costs and well as punitive damages.

Defendants in the suit had not commented publicly as of Thursday morning.

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