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Madonna may face legal trouble calling off videographer in court

The Material Girl’s refusal to express herself on camera could land her in hot water.

Lawyers facing off against Madonna in a lawsuit over the auctioning of “highly personal items,” said Friday Her Madgesty violated court rules when she called off a videographer during a sworn statement.


Madonna sued Gotta Have It! online auction house in July, barring bidding of her private items.

(Court Document)

The 58-year-old singer filed the suit in January asking a judge to stop former friend Darlene Lutz and auction company Gotta Have It! Collectibles Inc., from selling the goods — including a letter from late rapper Tupac Shakur and a pair of worn panties. She won a temporary order barring bidding in July.

Lutz’s lawyer, Judd Grossman, is calling for Madonna to be sanctioned by Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Gerald Lebovits.

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“(T)he Rules are not optional — even for celebrities — and when they are broken, there must be consequences,” Grossman wrote to Lebovits.

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