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Last survivor of Titanic dies at 97

The last survivor of the Titanic disaster died Sunday in an English nursing home at 97, a friend said.

Millvina Dean, who as a baby was wrapped in a sack and lowered into a lifeboat in the frigid North Atlantic, died in her sleep in Southampton, England.

She died on the 98th anniversary of the launch of the ship that was billed as “practically unsinkable.”

Dean was just over 2 months old when the Titanic hit an iceberg on the night of April 14, 1912. The famed ship sank in less than three hours.

Dean was one of 706 people – mostly women and children – who survived. Her father, Bertram Frank, was among the 1,517 who died.

Dean said her father’s quick actions saved his family, who were headed for a new life in Kansas. He hustled the family out of its third-class quarters and toward the lifeboat that would take them to safety.

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