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Kristin Scott Thomas says every industry is like Hollywood

English actress Kristin Scott Thomas works a lot in Europe, but wasn’t surprised to learn the U.S. film industry is full or pervs like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby.

“I think every industry everywhere is like this,” she told us at the Paris Theatre premiere of “Dark Hour” in which she plays Clementine Churchill — the wife of former British Prime “Minister Winston Churchill. “I think it’s no secret and now we’re suddenly waking up to it all and … actually I don’t think we’re waking up to it all. Now we’re making the decision to do something about it, which is different.”

That isn’t to say Thomas, who earned an Oscar nomination in 1996 for her performance in “The English Patient,” isn’t still bothered by all of these relevations.

“I find it as shocking and disturbing as everybody and hopefully this will be a major wakeup call and now things will change,” she said.

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