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Keegan-Michael Key has punishement idea for sexual harassers

Comedian Keegan-Michael Key might be on to something.

The “Key & Peele” star had an inventive take on what should be done for accused sexual harassers like Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose.

“What they should do to them is put them through some kind of program like Beyoncé’s video “If I Was a Boy,”” he opined at the Museum of Natural History’s annual gala. “They should get cat called. All that should happen to them. They should be made to wear heels. They should be made to wear super tight pants and shorts.”

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“We should put Matt Lauer in heels,” he continued. “And put him in super tight pants and then women get to touch and grope him any way they want and he doesn’t get paid and he’ll get in trouble if he says anything.

“You want to change the world,” the “Friends from College” actor asked. “Flip everything. We’re nowhere near as long suffering as women are. If that happened, I literally think that would change things.”


Matt Lauer was fired from NBC News after being accused of sexual harassment.

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Key can currently be seen on Broadway in “Meteor Shower,” with Amy Schumer.


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