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Kathie Lee & Hoda: Make new traditions for Christmas


Wednesday, December 23, 2015, 10:09 PM

One of the best things about Christmas traditions is making new ones.Richard Thomas

One of the best things about Christmas traditions is making new ones.

Our Christmas traditions are different than they used to be. Kathie Lee used to have tons of them, but these days she heads to Florida for a glass of wine, no Christmas tree in sight. And the Kotb’s take a girls’ trip — Hoda and her mom and sister chase the sun and celebrate the season with their toes in the sand. One of the best things about traditions, well, is making new ones!

KLG: We used to have a lot of traditions. But we don’t even put up a tree anymore. I’m so tired of all the commercialization of Christmas, that I sort of gave up on it a few years ago. I try to live with Christ in my heart every day in my life, but I don’t want to spoil it for other people who enjoy the season!

The last couple of years we put up a tree with just white lights. And then this year, nothing. I have a wreath up on our front door, but only because our producer here sent it to me. I’m not bah-humbugging . I’m just old. And tired!

HK: We only had a few Christmas traditions and most of them were by accident. I remember one February when we were kids, the doorbell rang, and my dad screamed, ’Oh my god, the tree!’ It was still up. (Of course it was fake.) So literally we were running downstairs — my sister, brother and me — and shoving it into the storage room where it stayed till the next Christmas! So that became our tradition — we would pull it out of the closet, plug it in and spray some pine scent. I mean the tree really became our thing. It was on accident, obviously. But it was hilarious and an actual Kotb Christmas tradition.


KLG: That’s better than that bush you have this year.

HK: Rude. It’s a cute little mini tree. And it’s real.

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Hoda will be spending her Christmas soaking up the sun in the Bahamas — and downing lots of wine.


We don’t want a lot for Christmas, just a couple of days off. And wine. We always want wine.

HK: My mom, my sister and I are going to the Bahamas because that’s what we do. They always have carolers and tons of holiday spirit. And we only pack two presents each, so on Christmas morning we open them. We’re just going to lie in the sun, drink and soak up the rays.

KLG: They’re going to drink their brains out.

HK: Yeah, our brain — what’s left of the cells anyway. Yes we are.

KLG: We’ll be down in the Florida Keys, we’ve been doing that for almost 20 years. Just give me a thong, a palm tree baby and some Gifft wine and leave me the hell alone. Actually down there, it’s leave me the heaven alone!


Some Santas like milk and cookies. Others prefer something a little hoppier.

KLG: When we were kids, we left out cookies and a stein of beer. Everybody has their own Santa thing and we lived in Germany for years, so Santa would find us there.

HK: We did milk and cookies. I remember putting them out and feeling like Christmas day would never come! We were allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve. And we weren’t allowed to wake our parents up the next day, so we would literally stare at their door, like, ‘Get up!’ And then, when they woke up, we opened gifts but had to go one-by-one and wait for the other person to open their gift, before opening our own.

KLG: I can’t believe you came from that family. You’re a total tear in to it kinda gal.

HK: Pervert.


Some people get gifts. Or Gifft. And others deserve a lump of coal! We’ve got a naughty list of our own:

HK: Gwen Stefani! Oh, Gwen Stefani for sure. Smooching my man Blake Shelton like that. She gets a lump of coal — and a wink, wink — from me.

KLG: So many people, so little time.

Gwen Stefani has landed on Hoda's naughty list for smooching with Blake Shelton.Twiter

Gwen Stefani has landed on Hoda’s naughty list for smooching with Blake Shelton.


Is it better to give or receive? That’s the question with a very easy answer. Forget the presents people, just be present and enjoy the people you are with!

KLG: Well that’s an easy one, because when you give, you receive. Duh. Every little elf knows that.

HK: She’s right. I remember more of the presents I’ve given than I remember the ones I received. It’s so much fun to find that perfect something for someone you love.

KLG: My two perfect gifts were my kids. And they’re aging, but very nicely.

HK: Beautiful.


Hoda keeps going on and on about her Christmas tree. But let’s be real, it’s barely bigger than her dog and seems better suited for Charlie Brown.

KLG: It’s a bush!

HK: Rude. That is rude. I love it. And, hey, it’s real.

KLG: Throw it away before you go on vacation, it’s a fire hazard.

HK: I can’t make any promises.

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