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Kate Winslet reveals which actor almost starred in 'Titanic'

Jack Dawson certainly wasn’t alright, alright, alright by the end of “Titanic,” but his portrayer almost was.

The ill-fated cruise ship passenger was famously played by a young Leonardo DiCaprio opposite Kate Winslet in James Cameron’s epic 1997 drama.

But Winslet says she auditioned for the film with Matthew McConaughey in the role of Jack — and that McConaughey was Paramount’s first choice.

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If the studio had their way, Leonardo DiCaprio would not have starred in “Titanic.”

“I auditioned with Matthew, isn’t that weird?” Winslet told Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show.” “Never said that in public before. I auditioned with Matthew, which was completely fantastic… It just wouldn’t have been the whole, Jack and Rose, Kate and Leo thing.”

James Cameron finally revealed why Jack had to die in ‘Titanic’

It was Cameron who insisted DiCaprio take the role.

Kathy Bates expertly depicted one of the Titanic's most dazzling passengers, Maggie Brown -- known as "the unsinkable" Molly Brown later in life -- in the 1997 film. Referred to as "new money" while on the Titanic, Brown survived the ship’s sinking and went on to become a philanthropist, actress, and socialite. A Broadway musical and movie about her life, called "The Unsinkable Molly Brown," was made in 1960 and 1964, respectively.

“Titanic” characters based on real people

In the 20 years since the movie was released, fans have yet to let go of their anger regarding Jack’s fate.

“He just should have tried harder to get on that door, because I think we would have (fit)!” Winslet joked to Colbert, before the two recreated the famous scene on Colbert’s desk (minus the frigid waters that Winslet said gave her hypothermia).

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Kate Winslet auditioned for “Titanic” opposite Matthew McConaughey, not Leonardo DiCaprio.


As for Jack’s death, Cameron told Vanity Fair last week that it had to happen “because it says on page 147 (of the script) that Jack dies.”

“I think it’s all kind of silly, really, that we’re having this discussion 20 years later. But it does show that the film was effective in making Jack so endearing to the audience that it hurts them to see him die. Had he lived, the ending of the film would have been meaningless,” he told the magazine.

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