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Justin Bieber is selling $30 plain white Hanes T-shirts

One time I saw Justin Bieber wearing a Hanes T-shirt, so I bought a Hanes T-shirt.

The Biebs is getting into the fashion business with stylist Karla Welch for a line of “affordable” plain white T-shirts.

The shirts are adapted Hanes tees — crop, sleeveless crop, baby, crew, classic, original and sleeveless — and are being sold online for $ 30 each.

Kmart, where Welch told Vogue she bought the shirts that Bieber wore frequently on his “Purpose” tour, sells the T-shirts in a six-pack for $ 14.49.

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Walmart sells the same package with an extra three T-shirts for $ 14.98.

While the shirts are still well above market value, they actually come in below the usual celebrity price tag.

In 2013, for example, Kanye West marketed a “Hip-Hop” T-shirt from his A.P.C. collaboration that went for $ 120.

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