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Jay Williams drug addiction battle



Sunday, January 24, 2016, 6:10 PM

Jay Williams attends the 14th Annual Harold & Carole Pump Foundation Event in 2014.Tiffany Rose/WireImage

Jay Williams attends the 14th Annual Harold & Carole Pump Foundation Event in 2014.

Former NBA star Jay Williams — once thought to be one of the brightest young talents in the sport — has revealed that he went from playing for the Chicago Bulls to crashing with bartender pals in an East Village after the motorcycle accident that dramatically ended his career.

In a new memoir, the three-time Duke All-American and number two pick in the 2002 draft says he became addicted to prescription drugs after a horrific crash left him unable to play.

The baller — who played as a starter for the team in the 2002-03 season — writes in “Life Is Not An Accident: A Memoir of Reinvention” that he got hooked on OxyContin while recovering in hospital.

In June 2003 he slammed into a street light at an intersection in Chicago on his high-powered Yamaha R6, severing an artery in his left leg, tearing his hamstring and dislocating his knee and pelvis.

In the book, out Tuesday, he says that after a failed career comeback with the New Jersey Nets, he moved to New York and lived with some bartender pals in the East Village.

According to the New Jersey native, the first Monday of every month he would go to a bar across the street from his place and wait for his drug dealer.

“I referred to him as my doctor, since I was no longer able to get my prescription filled,” he writes, explaining that he would pay $ 500 for a bag of pills.

Heartbreakingly, Williams confesses that there were lots of nights where he’d wake up in random places or find himself in clubs with people he didn’t know. One afternoon, he says, he woke up on a subway platform.

The one-time prodigy says the low point came when he grabbed a bottle of Jack Daniel’s one night, locked himself in his bedroom and emptied a bottle of OxyContin into his hand.

He writes that he popped the drugs and passed out, but “To my disappointment, I woke up the next day. Still in the same place.”

Williams says that he quit cold turkey and eventually became “at peace with myself,” after finding religion and becoming a college basketball analyst for ESPN.

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