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Jane Goodall doesn't monkey around

Legendary primatologist Jane Goodall says the upcoming documentary “Jane” directed by Brett Morgen is different from other films about her.

“This one is different because it’s the original footage which has never been seen before and it’s been edited in a more realistic way,” Goodall, 83, explained to Confidential. Indeed the film uses over 140 hours of previously unseen footage that chronicles her pioneering work with chimps in Africa.

The U.N. Messenger of Peace admits that Trump’s posturing reminds her of simian behavior. “The way I put it is there are many politicians on the world stage today, who in their effort to rise to the top, use behaviors that are very similar to those shown by chimpanzees when they’re competing for high rank,” she explained before noting: “Some male chimps use aggression and intimidation and others use their intellect and form careful alliances and they tend to last longer.”

The National Geographic film “Jane” will be in limited release on Oct. 20.


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