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It’s explosions, heart break in ‘Vampire Diaries’ episode 3


Thursday, October 22, 2015, 10:24 PM


Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Alaric are still set on finding the missing heretic and switching her out for Elena.

The third episode of “Vampire Diaries” season seven is off to an explosive start. Literally.

Three years into the future, Stefan (Paul Wesley) pours gasoline over his beloved car and blows it up.

The scene switches back to the present and we see that, as in the previous episode, Bonnie (Kat Graham) is having horrible visions of violence and passing out. Astutely, she realizes it may be connected to the evil Phoenix Stone – which a lying Alaric (Matthew Davis) assures her he has destroyed.

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Alaric are still set on finding the missing heretic and switching her out for Elena (Nina Dobrev), while Stefan is still trying to find a way to save Caroline (Candice Accola).

Caroline, however, is enmeshed in reading Stefan’s diary, given to her by one of the evil heretics. Some 150 years prior, Stefan wrote about meeting and falling in love with Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore), who is now one of said evil heretics.

Valerie walks in on Caroline’s journal snooping and declares that she was the first love of the younger Salvatore’s life.

Meanwhile, Stefan and Lily (Annie Wersching) discuss Valerie’s role in his life, and the heretic leader explains that she deliberately sent Valerie into her son’s life, ostensibly in order to help with his depression. Stefan is understandably skeptical.

At the time, Valerie was a siphoner witch, but not yet a vampire and, as she explains to Caroline, she was sent to spy – not to fall in love.

Damon succeeds in locating the last heretic and, along with Bonnie and Alaric, pays him a visit. As it turns out, though, the heretic knows exactly who he is – and is shockingly friendly.

One possible explanation becomes immediately apparent: He is high as a kite.

The show flashes back to the past, to Valerie and Stefan. Stefan, apparently still human, is busy beating himself up for his mother’s death, but Valerie – who knows Lily is not really dead – does her best to console him, in a surprisingly non-psychotic manner.

She is forced to leave and promises to come back for him, but fails to do so. As he retells the story in the present, Stefan still seems pretty broken up about it.

Elsewhere in the present day, the missing heretic – Oscar (Tim Kang) – agrees to siphon away Bonnie’s horrible visions, but as soon as he does so he realizes that the Phoenix Stone is involved and magically attacks all three of his visitors with no explanation.

When they come to, both Oscar is gone as are Bonnie’s visions – and Alaric announces that the stone is gone, too. Predictably, Bonnie is pretty darn annoyed to discover he still had it in the first place.

In a flashback to the past, Valerie tries to get back to Stefan, but Lily’s lover intervenes and tells her that she’s pregnant with a Salvatore child. Then, he beats the crap out of her to prevent her from leaving and screwing up whatever his plans are.

Outside of Oscar’s drug den, the Elena-seeking trio finds the escaped heretic again. They manage to subdue him.

Inside Lily’s torture house, Caroline and mommy Salvatore have a little heart-to-heart. When Caroline hands over Stefan’s diary with some tender words, Lily unexpectedly frees her.

Lily still has one captive, though: Elena’s body. The heretic leader receives a phone call from Damon. He says that he has Oscar and wants to barter.

Before the trade can go through, Valerie does a locator spell and finds Oscar, half-conscious on a Vervain drip courtesy of Damon et. al. He reveals that, before skipping off to his drug den, his mission had been to find Lily’s former lover, Julian (Todd Lasance), and bring him back. Valerie hates Julian’s guts – so after some quick small talk, she rips his heart out.

No one ever said heretics are nice.

It’s explosions and heart break in “Vampire Diaries” episode three, season seven

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