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INXS guitarist misses days when you could slap women on the butt

INXS guitarist Kirk Pengilly longs for the days when it apparently wasn’t considered sexual harassment to “slap a woman on the butt.”

Pengilly gave an interview to The Sydney Morning Herald on Thursday in which he discussed the mounting allegations of sexual harassment against countless men in Hollywood, politics and the news.

“I really loved the ’60s and ’70s when life was so simple and you could slap a woman on the butt and it was taken as a compliment, not as sexual harassment,” he said.

The rocker made matters worse when he continued by saying that men are starting to feel they can’t pay women a compliment out of fear of it being construed as sexual harassment.

He spoke to The Herald while attending a Movember charity vent in Melbourne Thursday.

“Thank you everyone who contributed, participated & donated to help stop men dying too young,” he wrote on Instagram along with a photo of himself at the event.

Several social media users fired back at the musician’s comments — with one user flat out writing, “You know who doesn’t miss those days? Women.”

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Andrew Farriss, Kirk Pengilly, Jon Farriss and Tim Farriss of INXS perform in 2010.

(Graham Denholm/Getty Images)

“Dude, no one finds that a compliment,” another woman added. “Spanks are for the bedroom, nowhere else.”

“Slapping a woman’s butt was never considered a compliment by women but this gives you a good insight into the way men think,” a Twitter user shared. “Well not all men but definitely INXS ‘star’ Kirk Pengilly.”

Pengilly, 59, joined the Australian rock group in 1975 as guitarist, backup vocalist and saxophonist.

The band had a strong run from the early ’80s until 2012, when they announced during a tour with Matchbox Twenty that the performance at Perth Arena would be their last.

Michael Hutchence, founding member and lead singer of the group, committed suicide in 1997. In 2005, the reality series “Rock Star: INXS” aired as a competition to find the band’s new singer, who turned out to be J.D. Fortune.

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