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In Amish Country, the Future Is Calling

Sam, 29, who used to make deliveries for Amish Country Gazebos, now works on a computer in the company’s shop. Learning to use the machine was a challenge for him.

“I thought, I need to know how this computer thinks, or the computer needs to know how I think — we need to get along!” he said. Now, he added, he is amazed at how productive the computer can be. “I can easily see it helping as far as numbers go — oh my goodness — to get rid of all these papers.”

But technology has its place, he said, and that is at work. Speaking outside his home near Lancaster one sun-dappled day, he said, “I’ve never thought about bringing a computer onto this property.”

Not far away, his wife was cutting the lawn with a push mower, the blades making a soft whirring sound as they scissored the grass. And in a nearby vegetable patch, his two young sons were chasing butterflies.

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