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How to lose like a winner: Four ways to cope if your team fails

Pry your fist out of the wall and take a deep breath.

All games have winners and losers (except soccer, which is unnatural), and should you find yourself on the wrong end of the equation, you don’t want to be that guy at the party. We spoke with Dr. Jennifer Chen, a psychologist with the Manhattan Center for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to learn a few coping mechanisms to tackle the angry beast.

1. Prepare to lose: The best players are always known for their off-the-field preparation. Take one from the pros, get ready for Super Bowl LII and “prime yourself for the possibility” that your team may not come out on top, Dr. Chen told the Daily News. “Setting the expectation for yourself that your team may lose can help if they do,” she said.

Let the winner have his moment but walk away from the situation gracefully.

Let the winner have his moment but walk away from the situation gracefully.

2. Have a buddy: Any MVP will tell you that football is a team sport and it’s a sentiment that should resonate with losers, too. “Having a friend there with you who’s a fan of the same team is a good idea,” Dr. Chen said. “You can support each other and move on from the loss together.”

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3. Keep it classy: Traditionally, football players meet in the middle of the field to congratulate each other on a hard-fought game. It shows their admiration for one another and is a good example for kids young and old. “Maintaining respect for each other” Dr. Chen said, is key when trying to throw a block in the way of sore loser rage.

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4. Be the bigger person: This is especially true when faced with a sore winner. “Let them have their moment and walk away from the situation as gracefully as possible. This person is gloating out of immaturity. Congratulate them on the win but don’t engage,” she said.

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