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Hillary Clinton criticizes Trump and China's North Korea tactics

Hillary Clinton thinks President Trump’s “fire and fury” diplomacy needs to cool down.

The former Secretary of State criticized her election opponent’s stance on North Korea and Asia in general during a video address to a conference in Beijing on Tuesday.

“The Trump administration came in and retreated from diplomacy. It appears they have withdrawn their global responsibility and leadership which has raised question about stability in Asia-Pacific as well as the state power of the U.S,” she said, according to the South China Morning Post.

Clinton also called for avoiding “bluster” and “personal taunts” and said that six-party talks should resume on resolving the problem of the Kim Jong Un regime’s nuclear program, Bloomberg reported.

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Beyond making threats about “fire and fury” attacks on North Korea, in recent months Trump has used Twitter to call the country’s leader “little rocket man” as well as “short and fat.”

Though speaking to an audience of business leaders and researchers in China, Clinton also did not shy away from criticizing the People’s Republic and said that its “inaction” with its isolated neighbor was a deliberate choice.

The Democrat, who again said that she does not plan to run for office again, also continued chiding China over human rights abuses.

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