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High school girls basketball team loses game 102-0

At least they tried.

A Montana high school girls basketball team was shut out for the first time in state history over the weekend and just the 20th time it has ever happened on any level of basketball, according to the Great Falls Tribune.

Froid-Medicine Lake High defeated Brockton High 102-0 on Friday after Brockton started the game with only five players.

Brockton coach Terrence Johnson said he learned at lunchtime Friday that the team would only have three sophomores, one freshman and an eighth grader suiting up for the game. One of the sophomores was playing for the first time since sixth grade.

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“My girls did everything possible to score, and we were trying to find a way to get a crooked number up there,” Johnson added. “They did nothing wrong. At the end of the day, they all went home and asked: ‘What’s for dinner, Mom?'”

None of the players who played for Brockton in the game were taller than 5-foot-7, while Medicine Lake had three players over six feet tall.


Brockton High School’s girls basketball team lost 102-0 to Froid-Medicine Lake in Montana after just having enough players to field a team last Friday.

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Johnson’s other players weren’t available for various reasons, like illness.

“We knew what we were getting into,” Johnson said. “We spent two weeks getting ready for this game, but when we got down to five players, all of our plans went right out the window. We got down quickly and stopped taking shots in the first quarter. I’m not sure if we even hit double figures in field goal attempts.”

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One of the sophomores had to leave the game in the second half after twisting her ankle, leaving Brockton with four players. Another was injured in the final 10 seconds of the game.

Froid-Medicine Lake coach Lance Brekke told the Great Falls Tribune he felt bad for Brockton when the score got out of hand, even though the team appeared to continue to score. He believes the referees should have called the game early.

“This will never happen again, that’s for sure,” Brekke said. “The integrity of the game just went out the window.”

Some may question the coach’s integrity for allowing the score to get so out of hand.

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