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Head of EMS union running unopposed for his fourth term

Vincent Variale, head of the Uniformed EMS Officers Union, Local 3621, was nominated last week to his fourth term as incumbent president and will once again run unopposed.

Variale’s entire Local 3621 slate is running unopposed, he said.

The incumbent vice president, who will soon retire, is not running for re-election.

But his successor also does not have a challenger, Variale said.

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The only contest with the union comes for its five open seats on the executive board.

There are 11 people vying for those positions — requiring the union to hold a formal election.

Ballots will go out in March and be returned over 25 days, Variale said.

The swearing-in will take place May 1.

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Variale’s slate is filledout by:

Lt. Anthony Almojera — Vice President
Lt. Manny Ramos — Secretary Treasurer
Lt. William Rich — Recording Secretary
Lt. Peter Borriello — DC37 delegate
Lt. Jose Gonzalez — DC37 delegate
Lt. Terrence Lau — DC37 delegate
Lt. Anthony Almojera — DC37 delegate
Capt. Lizette Claro — Trustee
Lt. Mike Glenn — Trustee
Lt. Peter Borriello — Trustee

The following members were nominated for the five open positions on the union’s executive board:

Capt. Jason Saffon
Lt. Jonathan D’Amato
Lt. Joe McWilliams
Lt. John McGuire
Lt. Jeremy Griffel
Lt. Renae Mascol
Lt. Neil Mancuso
Lt. Jose Gonzalez
Lt. Larry Difiore
Lt. Steve Goldstein
Lt. Adam Lorenz

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