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HBO filmmaker recalls nightmare of surviving NYC mugging

An Emmy-nominated filmmaker experienced her own real-life drama in Greenwich Village — a vicious mugging that ended with her thrown to the ground.

HBO filmmaker Amy Rice, 41, told the Daily News on Tuesday that her attacker left her with a bruised knee and a cut hand.

But the Monday-night confrontation only required a patch-up in an ambulance — not a trip to the hospital, Rice said.

“I was in shock,” the director said. “I’ve never been physically assaulted before.”

But the filmmaker — who got her start as a still photographer on “Wet Hot American Summer” — didn’t lose her phone or keys in the violent altercation.

The attacker missed the phone in her pocket and ignored the keys, but did get away with three credit cards, she said.

But he didn’t exactly go to town with the stolen cards — racking up a whopping $ 58 in Domino Pizza charges before Rice cut her accounts off.

“Really?” she laughed. “I mean, if you’re gonna go through all that and assault me … go to Best Buy and buy a flat screen TV.”

Rice, who was twice nominated for an Emmy for “By the People: The Election of Barack Obama,” which she directed for HBO, was attacked around 10:30 p.m. on Monday, police said.

She was walking on W. 12th St., between Sixth and Seventh Aves., which is near actress Ellen Barkin’s home.

Rice saw the suspect as he moved towards her and described him as tall and in his thirties.

But “nothing seemed menacing, nothing seemed off,” she said.

As the man walked past her, he turned and “violently grabbed me and my bag,” the filmmaker said.

Her first thought was to surrender her purse — as she was taught in a self-defense class.

“But there was this other part of me that kicked in that was like, ‘No f—–g way!’ she remembered.

“I was just so angry. I was pulling it and he started dragging me — then he throws me on the ground, and it was so jarring.”

Two women saw what happened and gave chase but the suspect ran into the subway station at W. 12th and 7th and got away.

Afterwards, Rice realized that she probably made a mistake by fighting back.

“I put myself in a really dangerous situation,” she said.

“I’m so glad he didn’t punch me in the face.”

Rice recently directed the first three episodes of “Versus” on the streaming service, go90. Her other credits include staff writer for HBO’s “The Newsroom.”

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