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Harvey Weinstein rips actress’ sex trafficking allegations

Hollywood hornball Harvey Weinstein says that actress Kadian Noble’s lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault in a Cannes hotel room should be tossed because he didn’t pay a penny for the encounter.

Weinstein’s lawyers wrote in a motion in Manhattan Federal Court Tuesday saying that Noble’s lawsuit erroneously accuses the movie producer of violating a federal sex trafficking law by coercing her into a sex act with the promise of a role in a movie.

But his legal team said that the encounter — even if true — did not constitute a “commercial sex act.” It said that no specific role was ever discussed.

The disgraced movie producer’s lawyers added that Noble never says in her lawsuit that she received anything of tangible value. They argue that she merely states that she felt that she would benefit from “his power and influence” by going along with his demands.

Actress Kadian Noble details alleged Harvey Weinstein sex assault

“In this case, there are no allegations of a quid pro quo between Weinstein and [Noble] whereby anything of value was given or received by either party for sex,” the motion says.

The British actress sued Weinstein, his brother, Bob, and their film studio, The Weinstein Company, in November, saying that in 2014 Weinstein lured her back to his hotel room to look at her reel.

She said Weinstein had her speak to an unidentified Weinstein Company producer about working with her in the future. Then Weinstein groped her breasts, pulled her shirt down and forced her hand to masturbate him.

Anne Heche added herself to the growing list of women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. The "Six Days, Seven Nights" star said Tuesday on a podcast that the disgraced movie mogul fired her after she refused to give him oral sex.

Women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and assault

The Weinstein Company also filed a motion to dismiss the case on Tuesday, saying there is no way the studio could be held accountable for what happened between her and Weinstein in his hotel room.

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“If this court allows [Noble’s] claims to proceed as to The Weinstein Company, any employer of any individual could be liable for violating the sex trafficking statute whenever the employee commits a sexual assault in the United State or internationally,” the motion says.

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