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Google app matches your selfies with famous paintings

A recent update to a Google app promises to find your fine art doppelganger, yielding strikingly similar and sometimes hilarious results.

The Google Arts & Culture app searches a database of thousands of artworks from around the world to match up a user’s selfie to a portrait hanging in a museum. The free application’s face matcher is just below a few art editorial articles on the homepage in a box that asks “Is your portrait in a museum?”

After snapping a quick shot of yourself, the app generates five results that it believes look just like you and a percentage to give you an idea of how close it came to finding a duplicated depiction. The artwork’s title, artist and location are available in a pop-up box next to each paired painting.

Along with all of your friends in your social media feeds, celebrities like Kumail Nanjiani, Pete Wentz, Jake Tapper and a few submitted by others, presumably without their permission, like Paul Manafort, Ivana Trump and Tom Brady have been shared as well.

Here are some of the best — for better or worse.


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