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Gilles Marini says he was ‘a piece of meat' to Hollywood execs

A “Sex and the City” actor says the 2008 movie gained him popularity — but not how he would have liked.

Gilles Marini, who played Samantha Jones’ lover Dante, said he had his own experiences with sexual harassment.

“I was approached by extremely powerful people, especially after ‘Sex and the City,’” the 41-year-old actor told People. “I became a piece of meat for many executives in Hollywood.”

Marini’s confessions come in light of Harvey Weinstein’s scandal, in which more than 90 women have accused him of sexual harassment and assault.

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Despite a viral Twitter hashtag, “Me Too,” that urged people to disclose their own experiences, Marini said the feedback was mostly from women.

“And the reason is because it’s a stigma, it’s a shame, you lose your manhood,” he told People.

“When a young man is affected by being raped, or sexually harassed, or touched … you will never hear (about it) — but those people exist.”

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