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Giants Insider: Daniel Fells released from hospital


Tuesday, October 20, 2015, 4:17 PM

Daniel Fells may have finally turned a corner in his fight against an MRSA infection.

On Monday, the Giants tight end was released from the Hackensack University Medical Center, according to the Giants. He had been in the hospital for most of this month, ever since he was found to have contracted MRSA, a deadly staph infection, while receiving treatment for an ankle injury.

“He is improving,” a source said.

Fells, 32, had been in far worse condition in mid-October, when there was talk that the veteran tight end might wind up losing his foot to the infection. Just last weekend, reports had surfaced that doctors were concerned that the infection had spread to his bloodstream, and it seemed possible that the tight end might lose his foot.

But Fells seemed to take a turn for the better late last week, when coach Tom Coughlin updated everyone by saying that he’d had several good days in a row. Over the weekend, according to ESPN, Fells had a seventh surgery on his foot, and after that, doctors reportedly seemed optimistic.

According to ESPN, Fells will have two more surgeries on his foot in the coming days as doctors attempt to completely clean out the infection. Plastic surgery will also be part of the final two surgeries to reconstruct any damage to the foot from previous surgeries.

It remains to be seen whether Fells will return to the NFL. The Giants placed him on injured reserve on Oct. 5 due to the MRSA infection.

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