DUBLIN — Reformed smuggler Davos Seaworth brought his honest manner to Europe’s largest technology conference Tuesday, where he weighed in on a range of industry topics from start-ups to Apple TV.

The man — Irish actor Liam Cunningham in real life — whose self-appointed emblem in Games of Thrones is a ship with a black sail with an onion on it made a brief appearance in front of reporters at Dublin’s Web Summit. The event runs through Thursday.

He spoke for about 10 minutes, during which he fielded a variety of questions.

“Am I involved with start-ups? No, I’m an actor,” Cunningham said, before characterizing the hit HBO series as a kind of start-up.

If he were given unlimited funds to start a company, Cunningham said he would stick to the “content side,” adding that he was interested in story-telling and the human character.

He said while in many instances technology was a force for good “you only had to look at the NSA (the National Security Agency’s spying revealed by Edward Snowden) to realize that it’s not always a good thing. It has a dark side.”

Cunningham also questioned the dominance of technology players such as Apple. “Apple has very deep pockets and we may all have a small fruit at the bottom of our TVs eventually,” he said.

As far as social media is concerned Cunningham said he is a “cantankerous Twitter user” and avoids Facebook. He did not give away any Game of Thrones spoilers.

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