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Game Music Bundle 5: Monaco, FTL, Fez, Gunpoint, more

Game Music Bundle 5 Monaco, FTL, Fez, Gunpoint, more

If you recently binged on EA’s Humble Origin Bundle of AAA games, Game Music Bundle 5 might help you recall the finer moments of some recent indie highlights. Game Music Bundle 5’s pay-what-you-want pricing strategy is comparable to that of the Humble Bundles, but proceeds exclusively help musicians this time around.

Any donation below $ 10 nets you the soundtracks for Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine, FTL: Faster Than Light, FEZ, Gunpoint, World of Goo, and Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded. Upping the ante to $ 10 or more grants the previously mentioned soundtracks plus additional music from FEZ, Monaco, Frog Fractions, Little Inferno, Super Panda Adventures, Marbel Time, Hero of Many, Me and My Dinosaur 2, Drox and Anodyne.

Holy music, right? Beyond the offered albums, prizes are available to reward the highest donations. The eight most generous contributors will receive a Steam key for Monaco and a promotional poster for the game. The top five will earn the Monaco key as well as a copy of the Leisure Suit Larry score signed by composers Austin Wintory and Al Lowe. Lastly, the king of donations will win the previous prizes as well as a FEZ shirt signed by Disasterpeace, composer of FEZ’s soundtrack.

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Hi Joystiq,

At 8:00 AM PDT today we’re releasing Game Music Bundle 5 – an amazing collection of game soundtracks starting at $ 1. As a thank you for covering our bundles in the past (especially your two posts on the Retro Music Bundle), here’s an early look at the secret lineup:

Level 1 (unlocked at $ 1)

Monaco – Austin Wintory
FTL – Ben Prunty
Fez – Disasterpeace
Gunpoint – Ryan Ike, Francisco Cerda, and John Matz
Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded – Austin Wintory
World of Goo – Kyle Gabler

Level 2 (unlocked at $ 10)

FZ: Side F – Disasterpeace et al.
FZ: Side Z – Disasterpeace et al.
Monaco: A Gentlemen’s Collection – Austin Wintory et al.
The Forge – Austin Wintory, Malukah, & Tino Guo
Hero of Many – Trickster Arts
Marble Time – Calum Bowen
Super Panda Adventures – James Dean
Anodyne – Sean Hogan
Anodyne Remix – Sean Hogan et al.
Frog Fractions – Jim Crawford
Little Inferno – Kyle Gabler
Me and My Dinosaur 2 – David Saulesco
Drox Operative – Tori Kamal

Game Music Bundle 5 is available for two weeks from Aug 13 – 27, 2013. At the end of the bundle, the top contributors will also receive the following prizes:

(Top 7) Monaco physical poster + digital game download
(Top 5) Musical score excepts from Leisure Suit Larry – signed by composer Austin Wintory
(#1 Contributor) FEZ t-shirt – signed by composer Rich Vreeland (Disasterpeace)

Game Music Bundle is produced by re:discover, inc in San Francisco, CA and powered by our DIY bundle platform Bundle Dragon.


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