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For the Record: Baby, you're a firework

Happy Monday, For the Record peeps! Big news: We’re less than 100 days out from the Iowa caucuses and it’s another debate week! We’ll start concocting the drinking game for Wednesday night. Until then, let’s get down to the headlines.

You’re gonna hear those Dems roar

Iowa showed it knows how to get down and dirty at its Jefferson Jackson Dinner this weekendHillary Clinton got an endorsement from the left shark, Bernie Sanders said being unelectable is what makes him perfect for the job and Martin O’Malley reminded us that he hasn’t dropped out yet. The JJ dinner did help Barack Obama make headway back in 2007, so who knows what madness may come eight years later.  The Des Moines Register‘s Jennifer Jacobs has the big takeaways from this year’s event.

We do think Hillary’s winning the selfie game, if nothing else.

We might have to wave goodbye to Trump-Carson 2016

Ben Carson has pulled ahead in a couple Iowa polls, and the Donald is not pleased about it. His solution was standard Trump: rerunning an attack he used on Jeb(!) Bush, saying Carson is too low energy for the GOP. He also questioned Carson’s religion and reminded us that he’s still the top dog. Carson, for his part, said he won’t get into the mud pit with Trump. Yep, that mental image is in our heads, too. USA TODAY’s David Jackson has more.

The Donald and the Doctor (AP)

The Donald and the Doctor (AP)

Joe explains why he can’t do it

Veep Joe Biden saddened many people when he announced last week that he wouldn’t enter the 2016 race. He appeared on 60 Minutes Sunday night to explain why. It’s pretty simple: He doesn’t believe he’d win. Biden said he would not have been able to pull off the campaign his supporters deserved. And the heartbreaking story that son Beau, who died of brain cancer earlier this year, made it his deathbed wish that Joe run for president? Not true, the vice president said. Still, second lady Jill admitted she was “disappointed,” saying her husband would have been a great president. The (Wilmington, Del.) News Journal‘s Jonathan Starkey explains it all.

Oh, Joe. (Jim Lo Scalzo, epa)

Oh, Joe. (Jim Lo Scalzo, epa)

More from the campaign trail

Thanks for sticking around this long. Your reward: This Clinton gif, courtesy of last week’s Benghazi hearing.

And a correction: In the previous edition of For the Record, we mistakenly said thatDonald Trump was appearing on Saturday Night Live this past Saturday. It’s not until Nov. 7; we look forward to livetweeting it with you (really — follow us on Twitter* and we’ll make it happen).

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