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‘Fargo’ Season 2, Episode 4 recap


Tuesday, November 3, 2015, 12:29 AM

Michael Hogan as Otto Gerhardt in "Fargo."

Michael Hogan as Otto Gerhardt in “Fargo.”


Season 2, Episode 4, titled “Fear and Trembling” opens with a flashback in Fargo, N.D., 1954 with Gerhardt family patriarch Otto with a young Dodd Gerhardt at a showing of yet another fictional Ronald Reagan film.

Otto’s only goal is to avenge his father’s death by killing the man responsible in the movie theater.

Another guy in the theater tries to shoot Otto from behind, but young Dodd stabs the man in the back as his father eliminates everyone else.

After that, jump a few years ahead and the generation flips again because Dodd shows his son Charlie how the crime family business operates.

The father and son duo run into a couple of Joe Bulo’s men at a cafe, shooting one of them with a stun gun and knocking out the other. Dodd nonchalantly orders a chocolate glazed and old fashioned doughnut for his son.

Dodd Gerhardt’s right-hand man Hanzee returns to the Waffle Hut, and every time a character comes back to the scene of the crime, new evidence is discovered.

Hanzee finds a piece of glass from the front headlights of Peggy Blumquist’s car, which she accidentally hit Rye Gerhardt with in Episode 1.

Hanzee goes to the garage where Peggy’s car is being repaired, and begins putting the pieces of the youngest Gerhardt brother’s murder back together.

Korean War vet Karl Weathers — who viewers haven’t seen since the season premiere — shows up and brandishes a handgun, prompting Hanzee to retreat.

Simone Gerhardt is apparently sleeping with the enemy Mike Milligan, the Kansas City crime syndicate’s No. 2 man.

Like a scene out of “The Godfather,” the Kansas City mafia and Gerhardts — headed by 61-year-old Floyd (Jean Smart) — face each other across the table in a lower level of a hotel.

She counter offers a partnership instead of the rival group running the whole operation in Fargo, like originally planned.

Floyd tells Bulo “don’t assume because I’m an old woman” that she’s weak or is afraid of a little competition.

Meanwhile, Mike Milligan and the Kitchen Brothers come out of nowhere and show a defenseless, wheelchair-bound Otto who really runs the town by fatally shooting all the people, including a nurse, who helped him check out of a nearby hospital.

Peggy and Ed’s marriage continue to teeter as Ed discovers his check for the down payment of the meat shop bounced after his wife put it toward the Lifespring course.

As we see Hanzee rummage through the Blomquist residence, Officer Lou Solverson arrives to investigate on his own and finds that the fireplace has been tampered with.

Queen Floyd Gerhardt has one final message to the Kansas City mafia: “It’s war.”

Game on!

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