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‘Fargo’ Season 2, Episode 3 Recap


Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 12:35 AM

Patrick Wilson as Lou Solverson in "Fargo."

Patrick Wilson as Lou Solverson in “Fargo.”

Before “Fargo” Season 2, Episode 3, the preceding episode left viewers shocked as Ed Blomquist (Jesse Plemons) attempted to rid of youngest Gerhardt son, Rye, by grinding his flesh at the meat shop — just as Officer Lou Solverson (Patrick Wilson) knocks on the front door.

Blomquist’s wife Peggy (Kirsten Dunst) killed Rye when she accidentally hit him with her car following the triple murder at the Waffle Hut in Episode 1. OK then!

Not much is known about Dodd Gerhardt’s partner in crime Hanzee (Zahn McClarnon), but the third episode opens with the Native American character in a snowy forest, petting a rabbit — which he turns into dinner in a later scene.

Tensions between the Gerhardts and Kansas City mafia continue to rise over Fargo, N.D., as the crime family has a meeting with three business partners.

Dodd (Jeffrey Donovan) is standing his ground and does not want to sell out to the rival crime syndicate. But the queen of “Fargo,” Floyd (Jean Smart), is still contemplating it due to her husband Otto’s (Michael Hogan) illness.

Jump to a meeting at a restaurant with Kansas City mafia boss Joe Bulo (Brad Garrett) and Mike Milligan (Bokeem Woodbine), whose incredible performance should be recognized.

The group is still trying to locate Rye’s whereabouts, but all they know is that there was an altercation between him and the judge — who was killed off at the diner in Episode 1.

They believe he was running away from them and want to find him immediately, but little do they know that Rye has been turned into meat patties.

As Minnesota state trooper Lou Solverson (Patrick Wilson) is driving from Luverne to Fargo, Sheriff Hank Larsson (Ted Danson) tells him via radio that the revolver found outside the Waffle Hut in the previous episode is covered with Rye’s fingerprint.

Solverson sits next to Officer Ben Schmidt (Keir O’Donnell, played by Peter Breitmayer in Season 1) and the two discuss the Waffle Hut killings, the fingerprints on the revolver and the history of the Gerhardt crime syndicate.

Peggy Blomquist is doing a woman’s hair at the salon as she hears Betsy Solverson (Cristin Milioti) sitting in the next chair discussing hair loss due to her chemo.

The ladies segue into the topic of the Lifespring seminar, which apparently everyone and their mother is attending.

“I wanna be the best me I can be, ya know?” Peggy says of the seminar. Oh, we feel ya, Peggy!

In comes Larsson holding a wanted poster for Rye Gerhardt. Peggy looked like she was about to lose it after seeing Rye’s face on the sign and Betsy talking about the shoe found outside the diner.

That’s when Constance (Elizabeth Marvel) was about to say something about the broken windshield when Peggy interrupts Betsy’s story and says it doesn’t add up.

“It’s not like you’re just going to drive home with a Gerhardt in your windshield and start supper,” Larsson says as he agrees with Peggy.

Skip, owner of the typewriter shop and Rye’s business partner on the side, heads to the youngest Gerhardt brother’s apartment, where he encounters Simone — Dodd’s daughter — and Hanzee.

The Blomquists will do whatever it takes to get out of this mess by driving their car into a tree and file an insurance claim.

Lou arrives at the typewriter store and stumbles upon Mike Milligan and the Kitchen Brothers.

In what is probably one of the most intense scenes of the whole anthology, the four characters have their weapons pointed at each other.

After Milligan talks about meeting with Larsson, the trio leaves the shop as Solverson goes home.

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