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Fans share pro-celebrity stories after mass sex assault claims

Good-hearted famous people still exist, and Twitter is here to remind us all.

Sexual assault and harassment allegations against prominent, famous men seem to be made on a daily basis now, revealing some once-beloved Hollywood figures as the alleged predators they just might be. So to remind the world that not all celebrities are sexual power abusers, one Twitter user asked people to share their positive encounters with the rich and famous.

“If anyone has any nice allegations against a celebrity, that would be great too,” user Bakoan tweeted Thursday.

Her post has received over 3,000 replies of celeb acts of kindness from fans thrilled to remind us that not all influential people take extreme advantage of their positions. Some of the stories include stars Robin Williams, Kate McKinnon, Tom Hanks, Eva Longoria, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Robert De Niro.

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