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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ hopeful calls Trump a hypocrite

Donald Trump once fired a female contestant on “The Celebrity Apprentice” for her “locker room talk.”

Donald Trump once fired a female contestant on “The Celebrity Apprentice” for her “locker room talk.”



Updated: Tuesday, October 11, 2016, 4:50 PM

The woman Donald Trump fired from “Celebrity Apprentice” six years ago for “locker room talk” says the bombastic billionaire is a sexist hypocrite.

The Republican presidential candidate, who is under fire for his vulgar comments about women, chastised professional wrestler Maria Kanellis-Bennett on his show in 2010 for using the word “crap” to describe a fellow contestant’s behavior.

“What I said is something that happens in the locker room, what he said is not. He fired me for what I said because I am a female,” the 34-year-old told the Daily News Tuesday.

Kanellis-Bennett found herself in The Donald’s doghouse back then for telling castmate Curtis Stone, “The reason why I said you were so arrogant was because you came in our dressing room and you took a crap and left the stench in the room.”

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Trump deemed Kanellis-Bennett’s comments “gross” and “disgusting.”

“That’s a tough one. This is my boardroom. It’s not a locker room,” the host said before firing her.

After she got the axe, producers demanded Kanellis-Bennett apologize to Trump.

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Maria Kanellis was fired for comments regarding a fellow cast mate.

(Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

“I distinctly remember that after I said what I said, I was told I shouldn’t talk like that as a lady, and that, to me, was inequality at its best. I can’t speak my mind as a female, but he can speak his mind as a male. There’s a problem with that,” Kanellis-Bennett said.

Trump fired ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ star for ‘locker room talk’

The now ironic show clip, shared by “The Daily Show” on Monday, comes in wake of the explosive tape of Trump bragging on an open mic about groping women to Billy Bush prior to an appearance on “Access Hollywood” in 2005.

The disgraced GOP candidate used the same phrase, “Locker-room talk,” on Friday to brush off his own vile words in a poorly received apology.

But Kanellis-Bennett doesn’t accept the supposed mea culpa. During her time on the show, she claims Trump flirted with her and made comments about her appearance.

“He would say I looked nice that day. He would make comments in the board room,” she said.

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“He believes that just by being a celebrity you can get in someone’s pants. That’s not acceptable in any form or fashion.”

In a leaked transcript from another 2010 episode of “Apprentice” Trump made derogatory comments insulting the looks of country star Emily West.

“I assume you’re gonna leave this off, don’t put this s–t on the show, you know. But her skin, her skin sucks, okay?” Trump said, according to the Huffington Post transcript.

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