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Eliot Spitzer honored as 'highbrow despicable' at party

Lov Guv Eliot Spitzer didn’t let being on the losing end of the spectrum ruin his night at New York Magazine’s 50th anniversary party at Katz’s Delicatessen.

The former Governor, who along with Donald Trump, Anthony Weiner and Roy Cohn were listed as “Highbrow despicable” on a party poster modeled after the mag’s popular Approval Matrix column, told us he still loved New York. “(It’s) the only place at 3 in the morning the streets look like it’s rush hour,” he told us when we asked what he liked most about the Big Apple. “Everybody wants to live here. That’s all you need to know.”

When pushed for a negative about our fair town, the imperfect Spitzer came up with one thing about New York that could be better.

“Ok, I’ll tell you what I hate,” he said. “When we don’t have teams that make it all the way.”

We also listened in as the disgraced politico told party guests that he was glad his father, who died Nov. 1, 2014 , saw his son become governor.

“Didn’t turn out so well at the last moment,” he conceded. Spitzer resigned in 2008 amidst a prostitution scandal. A rep for New York magazine told us they were “pleased” that Spitzer came to their party. They also made clear that is was his deeds and not him personally who faired badly on their matrix.

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