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Eli Manning seconds Peyton’s emotions on HGH report


Monday, December 28, 2015, 1:46 AM

Eli Manning has his brother's back on the Al Jazeera report indicating that Peyton used HGH.Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

MINNEAPOLIS — Eli Manning didn’t feel the need to rush to the defense of his brother. As far as he was concerned, Peyton did a pretty good job of defending himself.

That was basically Eli’s reaction to the bombshell report from Saturday that linked his older brother to human growth hormone. Asked if he had anything to say about the explosive story, Eli began by saying, “I really don’t know much about it.”

Then he deferred to some strong words that Peyton had already said.

“I think he had some comments today, so I’ll just quote him,” Eli said. “I haven’t seen everything, but I think he had some strong comments about those accusations.”

Peyton sure did. He blasted the report from Al Jazeera in an emotional interview with ESPN that aired on Sunday morning. He called the story “completely fabricated” and added, “It is complete trash, garbage.”

Agent Tom Condon, who represents both brothers, piled on, too, calling the report “outrageous and baseless.”

“It all seemed very odd and didn’t make much sense to me,” Eli said of his feelings when he first heard the report.

By the time the story broke, though, Eli was already in Minneapolis with the Giants and was obviously busy with other matters. For one thing, he was watching his playoff hopes slip away for a fourth straight season when Washington defeated Philadelphia. And he was also preparing for his first game of the season without star receiver Odell Beckham — a game that became an embarrassing 49-17 loss. 

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