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Doug Ford’s government paid big money to air this ad during tonight's game

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The Ontario government will air a new concussion safety ad during the Toronto Raptors game on Monday. The Doug Ford NBA Finals commercial will air after 9:00 PM ET on Sportsnet in Ontario. The commercial is about the tragic death of a 17-year-old Rugby player named Rowan Stringer, who died from multiple concussions in 2013.

According to CTV, Ford’s government made the massive advertising purchase months ago to ensure the ad would play during the Finals. However, the provincial government has so far refused to say exactly how much they spent on the coveted ad spot. 

Viewership is expected to spike during Game 5 tonight. Fans all over the province, the country and the continent will be tuning in, and Canadian viewership records will likely be shattered once again. The government, of course, had no way of knowing that the Raptors would be one game away from becoming NBA champions at the time that the ad was set to air, which Ford’s office has called a “stroke of luck.”

The government of Ontario’s advertisement is intended to raise awareness about concussion safety.”With the spirit and story of Rowan Stringer’s preventable passing, the Ontario government is protecting amateur athletes by raising awareness about concussion safety,” Minister of Tourism, Michael Tibolla said of the ad in a news release.


“Reducing the risk of concussions is always the goal. But concussions happen. Knowing what to do if a concussion happens — whether you’re an athlete, a student, a parent, a coach, an official, or an educator — saves lives.”

In the advertisement, a young female soccer player is shown training hard while taking repeated blows to her head, Global News reports. The player collapses on the field and the words “Hit. Stop. Sit.” appear on the screen.

The tagline first appeared during the PCs party’s campaign for Rowan’s Law, a concussion safety legislation.  

Here is the full ad: 


Minister of Children, Community, and Social Services MacLeod sponsored Rowan’s Law in the Legislative Assembly. It passed through with unanimous support back in March of 2018. 

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