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'Deuce' actress dishes on season two

“The Deuce” actress Margarita Levieva is convinced that Donald Trump doesn’t have a library card. 

“I don’t think he’s ever had one,” the Russian born actress, who plays Abby Parker on the HBO series, told us at the New York Public Library’s Annual Library Lions Gala. Leieva, 37, says the most difficult part in playing Parker, an NYU student who drops out and begins bar tending, was pretending that she personally isn’t as learned as she is.

“You have to hold some things back and save something for later,” Levieva said. “I felt like some of my personal instincts or reactions would have been too mature.”

Things will get easier for her soon. Levieva also told us that when “The Deuce” starts filming its second season, all of the characters will have aged seven years. At that rate, her character will be the same age as her by season three.

Also at the glittering gala were Frank Langella, Al Roker and Carolina Herrera. The evening raised over $ 2-million for the library.


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