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December 2015 Monthly Pet Horoscopes


Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 12:01 AM

Pets can be unpredictable at the best of times, and even though you have a lot going on this month, you don’t want to neglect their needs and let them to get into mischief.

ARIES Pet Scope:

With Uranus coming out of retrograde, and Mars opposite, you may find that your Aries pet will be more motivated than usual to get his own way. Be prepared to give your command and follow through with just as much determination. Stand your ground this month, more so than ever. Aries need to know who’s the boss.

TAURUS Pet Scope:

Venus rules Taurus, and this month the love planet will move to Taurus’ seventh house, the area of relationships, which can turn them into love-bugs — even more so than they usually are. So no matter how busy your schedule is this holiday season, make time for some snuggles.

GEMINI Pet Scope:

Wherever you are in the world, no matter if it is hot or cold, your Gemini pet just loves the excitement of the holidays. Be careful not to leave them off the gift list. They will enjoy opening their pet presents just as much as everyone else.

CANCER Pet Scope:

Your Cancer pet is ruled by the moon and this month the full moon on the 25th is in the sign of Cancer, so watch out for erratic behavior. Pets can be unpredictable at the best of times, and even though you have a lot going on this month, you don’t want to neglect their needs and let them to get into mischief.

LEO Pet Scope:

Your Leo pet really is part of the family. Being a social pet, and just loving to be right in the middle of everything that’s going on, they will long to spend as much time with you as possible. But be careful with their diet — you don’t want any unnecessary upsets. No table scraps, please, for Leo!

VIRGO Pet Scope:

Mr. or Ms. Virgo pet can pretty well understand everything you say, even if they choose to let you think otherwise. And although they love routine and can be very practical when going about their business, make no mistake: they also love to be fussed over.

LIBRA Pet Scope:

With the new Moon in Libra’s area of communication, don’t’ be surprised if your love bug is more communicative than usual this month. And don’t forget that Venus rules them, so if you are looking for a gift, make it something luxurious for their bed.

SCORPIO Pet Scope:

Love planet Venus moves to Scorpio this month, and although this can make your Scorpio furry baby more loving, it can also make them more demanding. So don’t even think about not including them in the holiday festivities. Make a fuss over them in some way!


This month’s new moon is in Sagittarius, and your Sag pet can get very excitable, and even a little disappointed, especially if you leave them alone for too long. If at all possible, make sure you take them out. They love to experience the world and can get bored with the same surroundings. They will also need more reassurance that you love them.


Be careful of trying to force your Capricorn pet to do anything this month. They can be stubborn at the best of times, but with Pluto and Mars interacting, they can dig their pet paws in and not budge. Try not to interrupt their schedule too much, let them go about their business, and then you will have more luck with your commands.


With the new moon and other influences in Aquarian’s social area of their star chart, if they can get out and about, you may find they will want to play with their pet peers more this month. If not, be prepared to be their best buddy and set aside play time.

PISCES Pet Scope:

With so much activity and goings on in Pisces’ tenth house this month, your Pisces pet will seem like they have a purpose to do, achieve and win everyone’s heart — even if all they really want is to get more of your attention, love, cuddles and, of course, treats! They live and love just for you; don’t disappoint them.

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