CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Rain or shine, a Charlotte couple was determined to “take the plunge” this weekend.

So on Saturday, John and Judy Joye tied the knot just off the Savannah, Ga., coast on Tybee Island.

Yes, with Hurricane Joaquin swirling by and with more rain pounding the Southeast than residents usually see in years.

“Why would we expect anything different? It always just seems to happen,” said the groom.

For months, John and Judy have been planning their dream wedding.

“We want to be on the beach and we don’t care if it’s raining or not,” explained John.

So with wind, heavy rain and a high tide, the two took their vows on the beach.

“It actually added to the excitement of the moment and what it represents,” said Judy.

And after the beachy couple said, “I do.” The Joyes literally took the plunge — into the Atlantic Ocean.

“Riptide be darned, she put her hand in mine and we went right out there and had an amazing kiss out in the waves,” John said.

They weren’t alone long. The bridesmaids and groomsmen were right behind the bride and groom.

“After marrying this woman in that storm and then getting out there and feeling the waves around you, it was just a feeling of gratitude and thankfulness that we’re alive and we’re sharing it together,” John said.

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