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‘Condom Challenge’ is the new trend sparking safety concerns


Updated: Wednesday, November 25, 2015, 12:47 PM

Here’s a new way to put those condoms to use.

The “Condom Challenge” — or #CondomChallenge, if you will — is drawing viral attention through a series of homemade videos that are burning up the internet. But the trend is also attracting safety concerns, especially considering potential drowning or choking hazards. No challenge-related injuries have been reported so far, but with condoms involved, protection and fun remain in the balance.

People are taking the "condom challenge" and posting their videos to social media.Condom Challenge vis FaceBook

If done correctly, the condom creates a watery, latex globe around the person’s neck and face before breaking.

Otherwise, the condom bounces away like an un-popped water balloon or unfurls as it empties.

A different type of “condom challenge” has previously gone viral. That challenge involved snorting a condom through the nose and sending it out of the mouth.The newest viral trend has attracted its own Facebook groups and Twitter hashtag, and tens of thousands of people have commented online about the “Condom Challenge” in recent days.

So the condom challenge is now a thing and when you do it at home, use #condomchallenge. If only the custom fitted condoms I used in the past were this strong! See what I speak of at link below.Condom Challenge

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